Links to a range of ATSDR documents related to hazardous waste sites, including those in the National Priorities List, also known as superfund sites.

  • Brownfield/Land Reuse Health Initiative Publications and Fact sheets
    Community health is an important part of land revitalization. ATSDR works to include health considerations in brownfield redevelopment and land reuse. ATSDR’s Brownfield / Land Reuse Initiative promotes health, community involvement, partnerships, communication and education.
  • Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education
    Choosing safe places for early care and education (ECE) programs reduces children’s risk of being exposed to dangerous chemicals during their care. ATSDR offers resources for professionals in public health, community planning, licensing, zoning, environmental protection, early care and education, and other fields to ensure the safety of ECE locations within their communities.
  • Completed Exposure Pathway (CEP) Site Count Report
    The CEP report focuses on documented exposure, and lists hazardous substances according to exposure frequency.
  • Documents available for Public Comment
    The public comment documents are provided to allow the public an opportunity to identify issues within the documents that are missing, incorrect, or are unclear as written.
  • Don’t Mess with Mercury
    Resources to raise awareness of common mercury risks in schools among audiences within the school community.
  • Environmental Odors
    Here we provide answers to common questions on odors and health, approaches for addressing odors in your community, information on reporting odors, methods for conducting odor complaint investigations, and ways for community members and other groups to be involved in odor management decisions.
  • Epidemiologic Studies
    Epidemiologic studies that evaluate the association between exposure to hazardous substances and adverse health effects.
  • Landfill Gas Primer – An Overview for Environmental Health Professionals ( Historical Document)
    This primer is designed to provide environmental health professionals with a general understanding of landfill gases and to help them in responding to community concerns that may be related to landfill gas issues.
  • No Trespassing
    Going inside abandoned buildings can be dangerous. Educational resources for students, parents and teachers.
  • Public Health Assessments and Health Consultations
    ATSDR documents that evaluate the potential for contaminants in the environment at a site that might cause people to suffer adverse health effects.
Page last reviewed: July 25, 2019