Community Involvement

Links to a range of ATSDR documents about community engagement and health promotion.

  • ATSDR Communication Toolkit
    The ATSDR Communication Toolkit helps ATSDR site teams improve their communication efforts with local communities.
  • Community Environmental Health Education Presentations
    Community Environmental Health Instructional Presentation Kits are 20-minute instructional presentations with learner support materials on hazardous substances and other environmental health related topics developed for general use.
  • Community Stress Resource Center
    The ATSDR Community Stress Resource Center provides a framework and resources for reducing stress and building resilience as part of public health responses to environmental contamination.
  • Fact Sheets
    Fact sheets for community members on different environmental health topics.
  • Land Reuse Toolkits (Healthfields Toolkits)
    ATSDR’s Land Reuse and Redevelopment Toolkits are resources for people to engage in land reuse and redevelopment projects that can reduce environmental exposures and improve community health, which involve engaging with communities.
  • Principles of Community Engagement – Second Edition
    Principles of Community Engagement (Second Edition) provides public health professionals, health care providers, researchers, and community-based leaders and organizations with both a science base and practical guidance for engaging partners in projects that may affect them.
  • Promoting Environmental Health in Communities
    PEHC is designed to teach communities about the environment, toxicology, and health and help them better understand recommendations from environmental health professionals.
  • SoilSHOP
    The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) promotes health education and outreach events called “soilSHOPs” to help people learn if their soil is contaminated with lead, and how to reduce exposures to contaminated soil and produce. The name soilSHOP stands for Soil Screening, Health, Outreach and Partnership.
Page last reviewed: February 10, 2021