Cancer Policy Framework
Policy positions to guide ATSDR’s activities that address the public health implications of exposure to carcinogens

Toxicological Profile Information
Information about how toxicological profiles are developed, and which substances have been profiled

Guidance Manual for ATSDR Public Health Assessments
Outlines the health assessment process and provides information to the health assessors on different technical and scientific aspects of performing public health assessments

Environmental Data Needed for Public Health Assessments
Describes the general purpose and focus of a public health assessment and provides a list of general site information and environmental data that ATSDR usually obtains from the Environmental Protection Agency, the potentially responsible party, or other lead agencies responsible for conducting environmental investigations

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Provides a standardized process for citizens to request documents in ATSDR and CDC’s possession.

Page last reviewed: August 6, 2020