Risk Communication

Links to a range of documents related to communication and risk communication.

  • A Primer on Health Risk Communication
    The purpose of this Primer is to provide a framework of principles and approaches for the communications of health risk information to diverse audiences. It is intended for ATSDR staff and personnel from other government agencies and private organizations who must respond to public concerns about exposure to hazardous substances in the environment.
  • ATSDR Communication Toolkit
    The ATSDR Communication Toolkit helps ATSDR site teams improve their communication efforts with local communities.
  • CDC’s Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Online Course
    This online Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication course will stress the fundamentals of CDC’s Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication (CERC). The course has been designed to serve those who will perform crisis and risk communication and media relations in the event of a public health emergency.
  • Environmental Health Resources Self Learning Module: Risk Communication pdf icon[4.55 MB]
    ATSDR developed this module to provide local health agencies a quick overview of risk communication as well as more detailed resources. The module covers risk communication basics and provides self-study materials and resources.
  • Land Reuse Toolkits (Healthfields Toolkits)
    ATSDR’s Land Reuse and Redevelopment Toolkits are resources for people to engage in land reuse and redevelopment projects that can reduce environmental exposures and improve community health, which involve communicating environmental and health risks
Page last reviewed: July 25, 2019