ATSDR Action Model

The ATSDR Brownfields /Land Reuse Action Model helps the diverse members of the development community – officials, developers, community supporters, and residents, find ways to make health part of the renewal process. Communities can use the action model to identify common goals to incorporate these goals in strategic planning.

The Action Model consists of four steps that involve key questions to assist with planning:

Step 1: What are the issues in the community?

Step 2: How can development address these issues?

Step 3: What are the corresponding community health benefits?

Step 4: What data are needed to measure change?

The action model encourages people to think about broad public health topics connected to community health:

Use the Action Model Toolkit

Learn how to make redevelopment with the Action Model work in your community with this interactive toolkit.You’ll get important information on how to build a team, fund your project, and make lasting changes in your town or city.

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Action Model Report Cards

Action Model Community Health Pilots

The Action Model has proven useful in pilot-scale community health projects in the following cities:

For additional information about the ATSDR Action Model, contact:

Laurel Berman at (312) 886-7476, Leann Bing at (404) 747-4451 or Gary Perlman at (617) 918-1492. You can also send an email to

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