Environmental Health and Land Reuse Classroom Training Overview

ATSDR created the Environmental Health and Land Reuse (EHLR) Classroom Training as a supplement to the Online EHLR Certificate Training that is hosted by our partner, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). Using our existing curriculum resources, we co-created both training modalities as resources for environmental and health professionals; planners; and students in environmental science, public health, and planning to engage in health focused (Healthfields) redevelopment. While the EHLR Online Certificate course is fully accessible, the EHLR Classroom Training is designed as a series of print-only documents for learners who prefer live training or where online training may be limited by broadband access.

If you are interested in using the EHLR Classroom Training to deliver your own training, such as for students or staff members, ATSDR’s Land Reuse Team is happy to provide a personalized training for you to prepare for your class. Just email us at atsdr.landreuse@cdc.gov.

Each module of the EHLR Classroom Training represents one step of ATSDR’s 5-step Land Reuse Model:

  1. Engaging with Your Community
  2. Evaluating Environmental and Health Risks
  3. Communicating Environmental and Health Risks to the Community
  4. Redesigning with Health in Mind
  5. Measuring Success

There are two tracks of the EHLR training:

  1. Community Engagement/Risk Communication (Modules 1 and 3)
  2. Full EHLR (Modules 1 – 5)

Each track of the training is eligible for a Certificate of Completion from NEHA. However, to be fully certified in EHLR, students must complete all five modules. An instructor who downloads the training can administer an optional pre- and post-test (open book) for each module of the training. In our live classroom training, we incorporate the pre- and post-test as a discussion exercise. We encourage students to take the post-tests using the Module Student Companion Booklet provided in our training materials. Then, the instructor can grade the tests using the Instructor Answer Key, which is also part of our training materials. To obtain a Certificate from NEHA, the instructor can email ATSDR’s Land Reuse team and provide a list of student names and email addresses. Our team email is: atsdr.landreuse@cdc.gov. Within one to two weeks of an instructor’s classroom training, we will contact our NEHA partners to request certificates for students who completed the 2-module Community Engagement/Risk Communication track or the 5-module EHLR track in the previous 30 days.

If you are interested in the EHLR Online training, please visit www.neha.org/e-learning to enroll.

EHLR Classroom Training Materials