Land Reuse Toolkits (Healthfields Toolkits)

ATSDR’s Land Reuse and Redevelopment Toolkits are resources for people to engage in land reuse and redevelopment projects that can reduce environmental exposures and improve community health.

5-Step Land Reuse Model

The toolkits follows ATSDR’s comprehensive 5-Step Land Reuse Strategy to Safely Reuse Land and Improve Health (5-Step Land Reuse Model):

  1. Engaging with Your Community
  2. Evaluating Environmental and Health Risks
  3. Communicating Environmental and Health Risks
  4. Redesigning with Health in Mind
  5. Measuring Success: Evaluating Environmental and Health Change

So let’s get started: Simply click on the icon of the personality you most identify with below, and you can follow the steps to create healthy land reuse and redevelopment projects, or “Healthfields”.

Community Champion

Community Champion

Community Planner




Environmental or Health Professional

Environmental or Health Professional

Municipal Agency


Vannessa Franzier

Vannessa Frazier
First Lady of
Howardville, MO

Rosanne Albright

Roseann Albright
Environmental Programs
Manager, City of Phoenix

Dan French

Dan French
Founder & CEO
at Brownfield Listings

Monica Robinson

Monica Robinson
Health Program Manager,
Fulton County Department
of Health (GA)

Laurel Berman

Laurel Berman
ATSDR National
Brownfields Coordinator

Mike Palm

Mile Palm
Mayor of Baraboo, WI

Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson
City of Tampa, Urban Development
Manager for East Tampa, FL