Redeveloping into a Healthy Community

Is your community interested in renewing? Here are five steps to help get started:

Step 1: Organize the Development Community

When officials, developers, community supporters, and residents work together, they can take a more well-rounded approach to building a better community.

Step 2: Evaluate Environmental and Health Issues

Learning about environmental and health issues at the beginning of the project can help ensure a safer project. It can show opportunities for the project to promote a healthier community. ATSDR offers tools to help people learn more about health and environmental concerns that could affect revitalization projects.

Sometimes communities are concerned about contaminants and potential health effects from a site. ATSDR can help communities address these concerns.

Step 3: Talk about Risks or Health Issues that Affect the Community

Help community members learn more about how revitalization projects can address health and environmental issues.

Step 4: Redesign Your Community with Health in Mind

Ask the important questions to build a healthier community. Plan redevelopment to promote healthier places to live and work.

Step 5: Measure Success – Drive Environmental and Health Change

Make the best use of your resources by measuring health factors that affect the community. Measure to see if your project improves community health.

Page last reviewed: June 7, 2010