Webinar: Improving Community Health through Land Reuse and Development

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Access the “Improving Community Health through Land Reuse and Development” webinar ATSDR BFLR Webinar Slide [PDF – 2.88 MB]

Learn about:

  • ATSDR’s free community health tools and training resources that can be customized to meet your community’s redevelopment needs.
  • Accessing ATSDR’s technical experts that can help you locate and understand existing health and environmental data while also measuring changes in community health.
  • Case examples of community projects, the steps they took to improve public health, and the impressive results they have achieved.

For additional information about the Webinar, contact:

Laurel Berman at (312) 886-7476, or Leann Bing at (404) 747-4451. You can also send an email to atsdr.landreuse@cdc.gov.

Page last reviewed: November 26, 2012