For Health Agencies

Welcome to the “For Health Agencies” web page. This page has been created for health agencies to provide resources and capacity to engage in Land Reuse and Environmental Health. These resources include the Engaging Health Departments in Brownfields/Land Reuse Redevelopment short videos and the Environmental Health Resources Self Learning Modules.

Engaging Health Departments

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Engaging Health Departments in Brownfields/Land Reuse Redevelopment

These three videos highlight the ways that local health departments (LHDs) and other health agencies can enhance a community health focus to promote and help build capacity to become involved in brownfields/land reuse activities and redevelopment. While larger LHDs may have the capacity to be involved in land reuse work, smaller health agencies may be overburdened and short on resources. They may be unaware of funding that is available to them to work on these land reuse issues, and they may be unaware of ATSDR’s support and technical assistance for LHDs.

The examples of projects of state and local health departments representatives may inspire local health departments/health agency staff to become more engaged in brownfields/land reuse:

Introduction: Engaging Health Agencies in Land Reuse

State Health Agencies: Brownfields and Land Reuse Case Studies

Conclusion: Local and Tribal Health Agencies Engagement in Brownfields and Land Reuse

Environmental Health Resources Self Learning Modules

The Environmental Health Resources Self Learning Modules provide health agencies with an overview of environmental health topics. Click on the Environmental Health Resources: Self Learning Modules image below for an overview and to select individual models.

Please fully download the PDF so you can access all links within your browser window without having the module close.

Page last reviewed: February 5, 2018