Action Model for Community Example

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Action Model for Community Example
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Category What are the community issues? How can redevelopment address the issues? What are the community health benefits? What data are needed to measure change?
Community Elevated crime rates Redevelopment reduces the number of places crime is likely to occur. There will be fewer crime-related injuries and deaths.

Less crime also means more opportunities to walk, run, or ride outdoors.

Acreage of vacant lots

Violent crime rates

Pedestrian data

Low education levels; limited job skills, low health literacy Communities can include schools and other learning centers in their redevelopment plans. People can improve their skills to find jobs that offer better health benefits.

People can learn more about getting healthy and staying healthy.

Education levels

Reading comprehension levels

Rates of preventable diseases

High poverty rates; limited access to medical care and quality housing Redevelopment can bring jobs into the community. Some new jobs may offer health insurance.

People may be able to afford better nutrition and housing

Percentage of adults with health benefits

Percentage of people employed

Percentage of people living in poverty

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