Action Model for Land and Environment Example

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Action Model for Land and Environment Example
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Category What are the community issues? How can redevelopment address the issues? What are the community health benefits? What data are needed to measure change?
Land and Environment Limited opportunities for physical activity, lack of usable parks and “green space.” Vacant and underused land can be redeveloped into parks and green spaces. People can increase their physical activity, decreasing likelihood of health problems related to a sedentary lifestyle.

Sports facilities and playgrounds provide places to build a sense of community.

Acreage of parks

People using parks

Harmful substances in the environment Environmental cleanups can reduce the chance that people will come in contact with harmful substances.

Renovation of older homes and construction of new ones may help further reduce exposures to harmful substances.

People will be less likely to get sick from harmful substances. Known or suspected contaminated sites

Hospitalizations for asthma

Infant mortality rates

Lead and copper levels in tap water

Blood lead levels, especially in children

Birth weights

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