Public Health Assessment Training

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The Public Health Assessment Training (PHAT) provides with the basics to conduct the public health assessment or PHA. The PHA is the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)’s method to evaluate community exposures to hazardous substances from hazardous waste sites.

PHAT consists of eight modules based on a realistic environmental health case study, problem-solving exercises, and comprehensive resources and references to conduct PHAs.

Below, you will find links to Modules 1-8 of PHAT. We encourage learners to, progressively, complete the eight modules. However, you might decide to study only those that you need.

In Modules 1-3 you will learn what ATSDR is, its PHA method, and how to gather and document site information and data. In Module 4 you will learn to evaluate the exposure pathways for contaminants at hazardous waste sites. In Module 5 you will study how to select sampling data that are appropriate for the PHA.  In Module 6 you will learn the basics of the screening analysis used in the PHA process. In Module 7 you will learn how to conduct a health effects evaluation to closely examine potential contaminants of concern. Finally, In Module 8 you will learn how to write and communicate environmental health information in clear language.