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Digital image of Southern United States

Hand drawn image of the coast.

Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery & GIS Technology to Strengthen Microplans–Perception and Accurate Mapping

Publication Date: 2019

Author: Kaplan, B

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Path of Hurricane Florence.

Geospatial Analysis of Pharmacy Functionality during the 2018 Hurricane Florence disaster 

Publication Date: 2019

Author: Sharpe, D, Clennon, J

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Northeast United States.

A Comparison of Methods to Change Spatial Scale

Publication Date: 2017

Authors: Hallisey, E, Tai, E, Berens, E, Wilt, G, Peipins, L, Lewis, B, Graham, S, Flanagan, B, Lunsford, N

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Spatial scale of the area around the World Trade Center.

Geospatial Visualization of the World Trade Center Health Registry Exposure and Health Data

Publication Date: 2014

Authors: Graham, S, Lewis, B, Bullard, S, Antao, V, Laszlo, S, Youn, S, Sapp, J

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Map of the US presents state figure sizes as representative of the numbers of gonorrhea cases reported via the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS).

United States Gonorrhea Cases 2008: An Evaluation of STD Surveillance Network (SSuN) Cycle 2 Population Coverage and Geographic Distribution

Publication Date: 2012

Authors: Dent, A, Dowell, D, Llata, E, Stenger, M, Samuel, M, Mohamed, M, Anschuetz, G, Pugsley, R

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Map of New Orleans combining each analysis to show the flooding area, Katrina-related drownings.

Recovery after Katrina: Deconstructing the Map

Publication Date: 2010

Authors: Hallisey, E, Flanagan, B, Gregory, E, Lewis, B

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