No Trespassing

For Students

Don’t trespass. It’s not worth it.

a boy standing next to a chain link fence

Going inside abandoned properties and buildings can be dangerous. Here are 5 reasons to stay out of old abandoned properties and buildings:

  1. Trespassing is against the law—you can even get arrested.
  2. Many old factory buildings still have dangerous chemicals inside them. Touching or breathing these chemicals can be very bad for your health. Learn more about the chemicals that can be found in abandoned properties and buildingsExternal.
  3. Abandoned properties and buildings aren’t cared for the same way your home or school is. Floors can break and roofs can cave in at any time. Many have sharp items like broken glass and nails on the floor. And there’s always the chance of a fire. If a fire breaks out, you can get trapped in the building.
  4. Crime takes place in abandoned properties and buildings. You don’t know who’s in the building. Don’t get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  5. Stray animals, rats, and bugs can make their homes in abandoned properties and buildings. They can bite you and pass on diseases.
Stay safe by staying out.
Page last reviewed: October 29, 2015