No Trespassing

Consequences Lesson Plan

No Trespassing Sample Lesson Plan: Consequences of Trespassing

Ages: 10 to 13

Goal: To help students understand that by trespassing in dangerous buildings, there are consequences for many people, not just themselves.

Skills: Writing, critical thinking, public speaking

Day 1 – 1 hour
Day 2 – 35 minutes

Day 1: Activity 1
  • Play PSA.
  • Have students choose a persona: a child who trespasses, the child’s family, the child’s community, or law enforcement. Divide the students into groups based on their chosen point of view.
  • Give students a big piece of easel paper and a marker.
  • In their groups, give students 15 minutes to brainstorm ways that their group’s persona is affected by someone trespassing. Have them write these on their easel paper.
Day 1: Activity 2
  • Have each group write a short skit that acts out a scene showing the effect a child trespassing has on their group’s persona.
  • Ask each group to perform their skit and discuss what they learned from thinking about trespassing from a different perspective.
Day 2
  • Have students take a few minutes to think back to the skits their classmates did. Guide the discussion with a particular emphasis on the safety and legal impacts of trespassing.
  • Using what they learned about all effects of trespassing, have students write a PSA speech, one-page essay, or make a poster listing all the ways different people are affected by trespassing.

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Page last reviewed: March 23, 2016