ATSDR Clinician Brief: Radon


This educational activity is designed to increase awareness among healthcare professionals about radon and its health effects. It also intends to enhance competency in exposure recognition, patient management, and risk reduction counseling.

After completing this activity, the participant will be able to:

    1. Explain the properties of radon and its sources in the environment.
    2. Describe routes of exposure to radon.
    3. Describe populations at risk for radon exposure.
    4. Explain potential health effects from exposure to elevated levels of radon.
    5. Describe clinical evaluation and management of patients exposed to elevated levels of radon.
    6. Describe appropriate follow up of radon exposed patients.
    7. Explain patient counseling and risk reduction strategies.

Coming Soon: ATSDR Clinical Overview: Radon with CE available.

Who is this training for?
Clinicians in practice and in training, including physicians, fellows, residents, medical students, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and nursing students.

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Page last reviewed: August 15, 2022