Module One - Activity Lab


Puzzle Questions


1 toxic substances produced naturally
4 contains information on hazardous substances found at NPL and non-NPL sites
6 the dose or exposure level below which the harmful or adverse effects of a substance are not seen in a population
7 the differences between two or more persons in the level of their response to exposure
8 implements regulations that control and abate air emissions from stationary and mobile sources
11 the act of coming into contact with a hazardous substance
12 long-term exposure


2 no observed adverse effect level
3 short-term exposure, usually less than 24 hours
5 any chemical that can injure or kill humans, animals, or plants: a poison
6 toxicology data network
9 examines the health effects from exposure to contaminants at NPL and non-NPL sites
10 poisonous or deadly effects on the body by inhalation, ingestion, absorption, or contact with a chemical
11 deals with the environmental impacts of exposure to hazardous substances

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