Literature Review Webinar

Preliminary Findings from a Systematic Review of Chronic Environmental Contamination, Psychosocial Stress, and Community Resilience
Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan, Ph.D.
University of Arizona
ATSDR Seminar

Chronic environmental contamination (CEC) is the experience of living in an area where hazardous substances are known or perceived to be present in air, water, or soil at elevated levels. The contamination can be chemical or radiological, and it could be the result of industrial processes or a technological accident. The typical example would be someone living for years on or around a Superfund site.

This presentation explored and addressed several questions through a detailed literature review. The literature review provided scientific support and a framework for addressing community stress related to CEC. The questions addressed by the webinar included the following:

  • What is the unique psychosocial profile of people living with CEC?
  • What is the degree of psychological stress impact of CEC?
  • Who is most vulnerable to this kind of stress, and how can public health officials intervene to reduce it?

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Page last reviewed: March 23, 2021