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To learn more about ATSDR, the chemicals we are investigating at this site, odors, CAFOs, or stress caused by environmental contamination, please visit these additional webpages.

Information about ATSDR
Materials from ATSDR Public Meeting in Tonopah, AZ – 2/27/2018

Each fact sheet answers the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about exposure to a specific hazardous substance and lists potential human health effects. The summaries are excerpted from the ATSDR Toxicological Profiles and Public Health Statements.

Environmental odors may come from human activities, animals, nature, vehicles, and industry. This fact sheet discusses common symptoms, sensitive populations, reducing exposure, and odor control solutions.

Animal Feeding Operations (AFOs)

The information on this page can get you started learning about AFOs.

Coping with Stress

Environmental contamination can disrupt life as usual. Feeling stress is a normal reaction to this unusual situation.

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